Pet Care Services

Pet Care Services

We offer a range of petcare services to make your life easier. Whether you have a cat that needs feeding or a dog that needs walking, you can rely on us to be there to do it when you can’t be. We can ensure that our service fits around you and your lifestyle, so it’s as smooth as possible - for you and your pets!

What can you expect from Homesparkle?

A dog walking service. We take the time to find out everything we need to know about your dog – their likes, dislikes, needs, the optimum length of time for walks, and any health issues. We then arrange to take them out for walks at the times that you need it the most.

A petcare-at-home service. For those times that you can’t be with your pet at home, we can be there to look after them. Even if it’s as simple as keeping them company. We love animals and so we have made this a part of our service.

Our Petcare services include:

  • Feeding cats while their owners are on holiday
  • Feeding and walking dogs
  • Keeping cats and dogs company while their owners are out
  • Feeding fish, cleaning out fish tanks and other aquatic pet care
  • Feeding rabbits and cleaning hutches
  • Caring for hamsters, pet mice and other small pets
  • Taking animals to the vet

Project detail

To find out more about our Petcare Services, just get in touch.